Is God A Do Nothing God? (8 Of 14) by Ken Trivette

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#8 The Book of Malachi (8 of 14)
Ken Trivette
Malachi 2:17

1. I would say that most of the people of our day would say
that they believe there is a God in heaven, but I would
also add that most believe He is not doing anything on

2. In this fourth accusation by the people in Malachi,
there was not a denial that there was a God dwelling in
heaven. It was a denial that God was doing anything on

3. It was a charge that God was like a man who winds a
clock and lets it run down. He had no interest or
involvement in the direction or destiny of the things
happening on earth. He was an absentee God. He was a do
nothing God.

4. This was a serious charge to make against God and one
that left God about fed up with the people. He had heard
about all he was going to hear, and listened to about all
he was going to listen to.


1. We read, "Ye have wearied the Lord with your words." The
word means "exhausted" describes someone that has had about
all they can take. Their cynical charges, sarcastic claims,
and sinful condition had pushed God to a point where He
would be merciful no more. He was weary of their sinful
works and sarcastic words. His patience was exhausted.

2. The Patience of God is one of His most thrilling

Rom. 15:5 "God of patience."
II Pet. 3:9 "God is long-suffering toward us"'

A. It Is A Patience That Is Extremely Long.

1. I think that one of the saddest things I have heard of
in a long time was the death of the little baby in our city
that was shaken to death. The little fellow was crying and
the dad couldn't get it to stop. He finally became so mad
that he grabbed the baby and shook him so hard that it
caused such severe damage to its brain that the child died.
Aren't you glad God is more patient with us than that?

2. Robert Ingersoll, known as the great agnostic, used to
solemnize ...

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