I Want To Be A Jabez For Jesus by Ken Trivette

Ken Trivette
I Chronicles 4:9-10

1. I must confess that the first 9 chapters of I Chronicles
is not the most exciting portion of the Bible to read.
These chapters read like a Hebrew telephone book. There are
more than 500 names given to us. Reading through all these
names, names that you can't pronounce, can be dull reading.

2. Yet in verses 9-10, we read of a man named Jabez. He is
one of those fellows that stir us to give our best, do our
best, and be our best for God.

3. Someone has said that in each of us there are 3 persons:
. There is the person you are right now.
. There is the person you could be for evil if you
allowed Satan to control your life.
. There is the person you could be for God if you
allowed God to rule your life.

4. Jabez demonstrates for us the person we could be if we
let God rule our life. Jabez is the kind of person I want
to be. What I see in Jabez I want to see in this Church.

5. Let's look at this fascinating character and this
inspiring passage from God's Word. Let me point out 3
things from the passage about this man that begin in the
shadows and ended in the spotlight.


1. Now there is very little that we know about Jabez. We
don't know where he was born, where he lived, or when he
died. We don't know if he was from a prominent family or a
poor family. About all we know of his person are what his
name reveals and what his life shows.


1. We read in verse 9, "...and his mother called his name
Jabez, saying, Because I bare him with sorrow."

2. There are several Bible names I would never think of to
give to a child. I certainly would not name a girl Jezebel
or a boy Judas. Nobody names their children Jezebel or

3. Jabez is another name that I would not give a child. The
name "Jabez" means, "to grieve, sorrowful, pain."

4. How would you like to be ...

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