A God In A Class All To Himself (5 Of 6) by Ken Trivette

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Theology 101 With Isaiah #5 of 6
Ken Trivette
Isaiah 40:18,25

1. I once came across a description of God entitled, "God
is Like:"
. God is like Coke: He's the real thing.
. God is like Pan Am: He makes the going great.
. God is like General Electric: He lights your path.
. God is like Bayer Aspirin: He works wonders.
. God is like Hallmark Cards: He cares enough to send
the best.
. God is like Tide: He gets the stains out that others
leave behind.
. God is like VO5 hairspray: He holds through all kinds
of weather.
. God is like Dial Soap: Aren't you glad you know Him?
Don't you wish everyone did?
. God is like Alka-Seltzer: Try Him, you'll like Him.
. God is like Scotch Tape: You can't see Him, but you
know He's there.

2. As we continue taking a theology course with Isaiah, we
find that in chapter 40 Isaiah tells us what He thinks God
is like. He tells us that He is a God like no other.

3. In verse 18 and 25, Isaiah says God is like no other; no
other is like God. He is in a class all to Himself.

4. In verse 18, Isaiah says: THERE IS NO ONE IN HIS
LIKENESS. We read, "To whom then will ye liken God? or
what likeness will ye compare unto him?"

5. The words "liken" and "likeness" has basically the same
meaning. They both speak of that which resembles. Isaiah
was saying, "There is no one that resembles Him."

6. The word "compare" is an interesting word. It literally
speaks of putting something in a row. Isaiah was saying
that if we lined up this and that one, put them in a row
side by side, God would stand head and shoulders above them
all for there is no one like Him. He is in a class all to
Himself. There is no one in His likeness.

9. In verse 25 Isaiah says THERE IS NO ONE ON HIS LEVEL. We
read, "To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I be equal?
saith the Holy One."

10. The word "equal" speaks of leveling someth ...

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