There's Just Something About His Name (2 Of 6) by Ken Trivette

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Theology 101 With Isaiah #2 of 6
Ken Trivette
Isaiah 9:6

1. I read about an interesting court case in Los Angeles
involving names. Luther Wright and Hermann Rongg appeared
before a Federal Judge claiming ownership, of a patent. The
judge attempted to moderate the dispute, declaring: "Well,
one of you must be wrong." "That's right," declared Rongg,
"I'm Rongg, and I'm right."

Then Wright interrupted: "He's wrong, your honor, I'm right
and Rongg is wrong." The judge at length terminated the
Wright-Rongg dispute by ruling: "Paradoxical though it may
appear in this case Wright is wrong and Rongg is right, and
I so enter judgment." 1

2. Speaking of the name Wright, I heard about four
ministers in neighboring Connecticut towns that are named
Wright, and none of them are related. To avoid
confusion, the Rev. Wright in the North Church of Woodbury
is referred to as "Upright"; the Rev. Wright in the First
Church in Woodbury is "Downright"; the Roxbury church has
the "Rev. Outright" and the interim minister in Southbury
is the "Rev. Forthright." 2

3. Names are important. That's why many have their names
changed. I think of several people whose names are familiar
to us. There is the name Dino Crocetti, Joseph Levitch,
Leonard Slye, Israel Baline, Issur Danielovitch, Marion
Michael Morrison, Fred Austerlitz, and Nat Birnbaum to name
a few.

4. Now I know what you are thinking. None of those names
are familiar to me. I have never heard of any of those
names. In all honesty, probably not, but you are familiar
with each of them:
. You know Dino Crocetti as Dean Martin,
. Joseph Levitch as Jerry Lewis,
. Leonard Slye as Roy Rogers,
. Israel Baline as Irving Berlin,
. Issur Danielovitch as Kirk Douglas,
. Marion Michael Morrison as John Wayne,
. Fred Austerlitz as Fred Astaire,
. Nat Birnbaum as George Burns.

5. As we continue our course of Theology 101 with Isaiah we

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