So You Are Not Sure About It (9 Of 9) by Ken Trivette

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Series: How To Handle What's Handling You
Ken Trivette
I John 5:11-13

1. When I first got saved back in 1972, one of my favorite
songs was one that the choir often sang in my home church.
The first stanza says:

My name is in the book of life,
O bless the name of Jesus!
I rise above all doubt and strife,
And read my title clear.

I know, I know my name is there;
I know, I know my name is written there.

2. One of the privileges, rights, and blessings of the
Christian life is the assurance of salvation. Yet, there
are many who are plagued with doubts and uncertainty.

3. Many are like the fellow who was filled with doubt about
the amazing feats a certain friend's dog was supposed to be
able to do. His friend was always telling him what his dog
could do. He told of such feats that he found it impossible
to believe them. One day they were walking along the beach
and his friend said, "Watch this." He tossed a stick far
out into the sea and the dog ran on top of the water,
fetched the stick, and then ran back on top of the water.
The friend just shook his head and said, "So what?" The
owner had the dog repeat the procedure twice. Finally the
owner said, "Did you notice anything unusual?" The friend
replied, "Your dog can't swim can he?"

4. Even though we have the right and authority to know that
we are saved, there are persisting doubts in many. We read
in Matthew 28:17, "They worshipped Him; but some doubted."
Quite often, one of the things that handle us is doubt, not
being sure that one is saved.

5. F.W. Boreham spoke of a "notable transition from the
realm of 'I think so' into the realm of 'I know so.'"

6. God wants those who are doubting to make such a
transition in their life. When it comes to your salvation
it does not have to be "I think so," but "I know so!" God
wants every believer to be able to sing, "Blessed
Assurance, Jesus Is Mine."

7. Let me at th ...

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