So You Are Having A Hard Time Saying No (8 Of 9) by Ken Trivette

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Series: How To Handle What's Handling You
Ken Trivette
James 1:13-15

1. Mark Antony was known as the silver-throated orator of
Rome. He was a brilliant man, strong leader, and a
courageous soldier. But the one thing he lacked was the
strength to say 'no' to temptation. On the outside he was
impressive and magnificent. But on the inside he was weak
and vulnerable. On one occasion, his tutor became so
enraged, that he shouted at him: "O Marcus! O colossal to conqueror the world but unable to resist a

2. When it comes to temptation, many are like the little
boy that got a spanking for eating cookies the mother had
told him to keep away from. The little boy blamed his
friend who told him to do it. The mother said, "You should
have turned a deaf ear to him." The little boy said, "But
mommy, I don't have a deaf ear."

3. British writer Oscar Wilde admitted: "I can resist
anything except temptation."

4. If many in this place were honest, you would have to
admit that you can resist just about anything but
temptation. We often have a deaf ear to temptation. The
truth is, one of the things that often handles us is the
matter of temptation.

5. A husband confessed in Readers Digest about a time when
he and his wife were out shopping. A shapely young woman in
a short, tight skirt walked by and the husband's eyes
followed. Without looking up from the item she was
examining, the wife said, "Was it worth the trouble you're

6. Time does not permit us to talk about the trouble that
yielding to temptation has caused many a person. Lives have
been scarred, ministries had been ruined, and homes
destroyed because of yielding to temptation.

7. William Booth once wrote: "I have been much affected
with the following reflection: Though, if not greatly
deceived, I have had some degree of experimental
acquaintance with Jesus Christ for a ...

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