So You Are Eat Up With It (5 Of 9) by Ken Trivette

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Series: How To Handle What's Handling You
Ken Trivette
Hebrews 12:14-15

1. A news story heard on the local news in Liberal, Kansas,
told of a elderly lady driving a big, new, expensive car.
It seems that she was preparing to back into a parallel
parking space when suddenly a young man in a small sports
car zoomed into the space ahead of her. The lady, angrily,
asked why he had done that when he could tell that she was
trying to park there. His response was, "I'm young and I'm
quick." When he came back a few minutes later, he found the
elderly lady using her big, new, expensive car as a
battering ram backing up and then ramming into his car. He
ran up to her and angrily asked her why she was wrecking
his car. Her response was, "Because I'm old and I'm rich."

2. There are times in life when things happen to us that we
resent and oftentimes we react by venting our feelings in
destructive ways. There are times when are reaction gets us
into trouble.

3. I think about a husband and wife I read about that were
having a quarrel over breakfast. Their quarrel remained
unsettled as it was time to get ready for work. As the wife
was getting ready, she was having trouble with the zipper
on her dress. She asked her husband to help her. In a huff,
the husband freed the zipper and then rapidly ran it up and
down several times in anger. It infuriated the wife and all
day long she was boiling on the inside.

When she came home that afternoon she saw her husband's car
parked in the driveway. As she walked around the car, there
was a man lying on his back underneath the car, except for
his lower half. Remembering the incident that morning, she
grasped the zipper on his fly, and zipped it up and down
several times and then stomped into the house.

When she walked in, there to her surprise was her husband
sitting in the den drinking a cup of coffee. Shocked, she
said, "I thought you were w ...

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