So You Are So Lonesome You Could Die (4 Of 9) by Ken Trivette

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Series: How To Handle What's Handling You
Ken Trivette
Genesis 28:10-16

1. Many years ago, the great Presbyterian preacher,
Clarence E. Macartney, wrote a book entitled "Facing Life &
Getting The Best Of It." In the book he dealt with many of
the things we are dealing with such as fear, depression,
etc. In the chapter entitled, "Getting The Best Of
Loneliness" he writes:

"Any series of sermons on this subject, Facing Life And
Getting The Best Of It, without a sermon on loneliness,
would be obviously incomplete, for loneliness is one of the
deepest shadows cast upon our world." 1

2. George Henderson said: "Of the many grief's that assail
the heart of man, that strange and mystic scroll, that
three-corned exponent of all our hopes and fears, none can
be more poignant, none more distressing, than an
overwhelming sense of the loneliness of life." 2

3. Kipling said, "The human soul is essentially a very
lonely thing. We are born alone, die alone, and in the
depths of our heart we live alone." 3

4. While I would not agree completely with what Kipling
said, he does raise the point that loneliness is often one
of the things in life that handles us.

5. I heard about a man who wanted to join one of those
lonely hearts clubs. He sent them his photograph and they
sent back a note that said, "We are not that lonely."

6. There may be some of you that feel like the fellow that
went to a psychiatrist. He said, "Doc, I want you to give a
split personality." The doctor asked why and he said, "So
I'll have someone to talk to."

7. Ida Nelle Hollaway wrote: "The pain of loneliness is

8. Both the somebody's, the nobody's, the anybody's, and
everybody's at some time in life are lonely.

9. We find in the Bible that loneliness appeared very
early. God created Adam and it was not long before God
said, "It is not good that the man should be alone,; I wi ...

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