So You Are Shaking In Your Boots (1 Of 9) by Ken Trivette

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Series: How To Handle What's Handling You
Ken Trivette
II Timothy 1:6-8

1. John Hunter in his book 'Knowing God's Secrets' writes:
"Medical science now recognizes that between 60 and 90% of
our sicknesses are caused by such emotions as fear, sorrow,
envy, resentment, hatred."

2. I do not know his source for such figures, but I will
say, that if those figures are true, then we need to learn
how to deal with how we feel. We need to learn how to
handle what's handling us.

3. As believers we need to learn how to deal with such
emotions as fear, worry, depression, bitterness, anger,
stress, loneliness, and guilt. If we are being handled by
such emotions, we need to learn how to handle them. We need
to learn how to deal with how we feel. The first emotion
that I want us to learn how to handle is FEAR.

4. Clarence Macartney said, "From the cradle to the grave,
fear casts its baleful shadow." He also said that, "fear is
man's greatest adversary."1

5. At 9:20 PM, EST, April 13, 1970, three astronauts by the
name of Jim Lovell, Jack Swaggert, and Fred Hayes, suddenly
found themselves in the most frightening moment of their
life. Apollo 13 was on its way to the moon. 180,521
nautical miles from earth and halfway to the moon, an
oxygen tank in the service module exploded. One entire side
of their spacecraft was blown away. What followed was
perhaps the most daring and miraculous rescue in history.

Lovell said he heard a small but distinct bang. He was in
mid-air at the time and didn't feel what Jack Swaggert
felt, who at the time was at the controls. Swaggert said he
felt a small shutter. They wouldn't have thought that much
about it except at that moment in all three earphones the
master alarm went off. The control center at Houston, which
not only monitors the spacecraft, but the astronauts as
well, said, in 5 seconds their heart rate went from 70 to
130 beats ...

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