A Sneak Preview of the Great White Throne (7 of 8) by Ken Trivette

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A Sneak Preview of the Great White Throne (7 of 8)
Series: A Sneak Preview of Coming Attractions
Ken Trivette
Revelation 20:11-15

1. There are many things about the future that is thrilling, but there are many things about the future that is terrifying. There is much that is glorious but there is also much that is grievous.

2. The scene and event before us is one of the terrifying and grievous things that pertain to the future. It is the event called The Great White Throne.

3. I read about a Scottish lawyer that was a wicked man. On one occasion he hired a horse and, either through accident or ill usage, killed the animal. The owner insisted on being paid its value, together with some compensation for the loss of its use. The man of law acknowledged his liability, and said he was perfectly willing to pay, but at the moment he was a little straightened for ready cash. He asked if the owner would accept a promissory note?

When he said yes, the lawyer further said that he must be given some time to pay the note. The man said, ''You can fix your own time,'' The wicked lawyer then drew the note, making it payable at the Day of Judgment.

Eventually the creditor took the matter to court, and there, in defense, the lawyer asked the judge to look at the note. He did so, and then replied: ''The promissory note is perfectly good sir and as this is the Day of Judgment, I decree that you pay tomorrow.''1

4. When you look at the Great White Throne you see that Judgment Day has come. Let's consider this future event and learn more about this terrible event.


1. The Book of Revelation is largely the vision that John saw when he was caught up in the Spirit. An angel appeared unto him and told him, ''What thou seest, write in a book'' (1:11).

2. There were many things that John saw that blessed his heart, but no doubt when he saw in the scene before us broke his heart. What John saw in Revelation 20:11-15 m ...

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