A Sneak Preview of the Millennium (6 Of 8) by Ken Trivette

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A Sneak Preview of the Millennium (6 Of 8)
Series: A Sneak Preview of Coming Attractions
Ken Trivette
Revelation 20:1-6

1. I read about a house in Maryville, Tennessee in which the builders boasted of building a house that would ''last a thousand years.'' The house was built of marble, stone and concrete by Mr. and Mrs. William Nichols. It took nine years to build. There are no nails in any part of the house. Except for doors, door facings, and parts of the windows, there is no wood. Even the bathtub is concrete. Some walls are five feet thick. The owners built the house to last through the millennium, which they believe will come through the reign of Christ.

2. I cannot be sure about the Nichol's house standing for a thousand years but I am sure about the certainty of the Millennium.

3. The word ''millennium'' comes from two Latin words meaning ''years'' and ''thousand.'' When we speak of the millennium we are speaking a period of 1000 years on this earth. In Revelation 20:1-7, six times we have reference to a ''thousand years.'' This period of time will began when Jesus comes back to this earth as we saw in our last study.

5. What will this period of 1000 years on the earth be like? Let's consider 3 things about this future event.


1. In our text, we see that during the millennium Satan will absent from the earth for he will be removed from the earth.


1. [Vs.1-2] ... We are given several names for Satan in verse 2.

2. [''Dragon, that old serpent''] ... ''Dragon'' is literally ''serpent.'' He is called the ''old serpent'' because he first appeared in the scripture as a serpent. [HE IS AN AGRESSOR]

3. [''Devil''] ... ''a traducer, one who slanders and falsely accuses.'' [HE IS AN ACCUSER]

4. [''Satan''] ... [HE IS AN ADVERSARY]

5. What a blessing to see that during the millennium Satan will be chained {Vs.1}. The devil that has been so active suddenly will ...

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