Same Song, Second Stanza, And Still Off Key by Ken Trivette

Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 20

1. Oswald Chambers wrote: "Abraham is never presented as a saint or a
type of sanctification. Phases of his life may be used to present these, but
Abraham himself is a type of the life of faith in its failures and in its

2. John Phillips writes, "Truly, the Holy Spirit does not gloss over the sins
and shortcomings of even the greatest saints."'

3. In the story before us the Holy Spirit allows us to see a dark blot in the
many bright spots of Abraham's life. Here we see a failure and shortcoming
in his life, rather than a success and achievement.

4. When you read the story you find yourself thinking; this all sounds
familiar. Then you recall Genesis chapter 12 and Abraham's visit to Egypt.
Then it dawns on you that this is something that Abraham has done before.
It is sin Deja Vu. Same song, second stanza, and still off key.

5. We find Abraham repeating a mistake he had made before. We find him
committing a sin that he had earlier committed in his life.

6. When I read this story, I find myself thinking, "I'm glad I'm not the only
one that has repeated some sin." The truth is, I doubt that there are any
among us that has not repeated some sin.

7. There have been times -
. When we have been Divinely confronted about some sin
. In which we were deeply convicted of that sin
. That led us to Decisive confession of the sin
. To only hours weeks later, or days later, or even years later commit the
sin again.

8. I find in the Bible that others had the same problem. I think of Moses.
When the Israelites were captives in Egypt, Moses saw an Egyptian beating
a Hebrew slave. In a moment of anger, Moses killed the Egyptian and
buried him in the sand. Then 40 years later, Moses once again in anger
struck the rock twice. In Moses we see the sin of anger repeated.

9. I think also of the children of Israel. Only 3 days after God del ...

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