You Can Blame Nimrod For Your Foreign Language Classes by Ken Trivette

Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 10:8-10, 11:1-9

1. If you have ever visited a foreign country then you know that at times it
can be difficult communicating. If you have had such an experience, let me
say that you can blame it on a fellow named Nimrod. If you are frustrated
because you have to take or had to take Spanish or French, blame it on this

2. I have read that there are over 6,700 known languages and dialects
among the human race.1 You can blame that on Nimrod as well, for in
Genesis 10-11, we see the beginning of languages and it is traced to

3. This fellow Nimrod is an interesting character. We meet him in Genesis
10, where we are given an ethnological table of the human races. Genesis
10 divides mankind into 3 basic races: Semitic, Aryan, Turanean.

4. We find that in Genesis 10, that from the 3 sons of Noah, and their sons,
all the human races emerged. We see that from Japheth, the Indo-
European family emerged which takes in the principal races of Europe and
the Asiatic Aryan races.

5. We see that from Shem, the Semitic family emerged which takes in the
Assyrians, the Hebrews, and the Joktanite Arabs.

6. We see that from Ham, the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Southern Arabs, and
early Babylonians emerged.2

5. We also see in Genesis 10, the beginning of a city and kingdom that is
often mentioned in the Bible. That is the city and kingdom of Babylon,
called Babel in Genesis 10:10. Babylon in the Bible symbolically and
prophetically stands for the "consummation of all evil."

6. Now let's look at the story of Nimrod and Babel and glean 3 lessons for
our own hearts.


1. Notice Genesis 10:8, "And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty
one in the earth."

2. Nimrod was called a "mighty one in the earth." Three times in verses 8-
10, he called "mighty." The word is the usual term to describe a gr ...

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