On February 17, 2348 BC, It Began As Rain by Ken Trivette

On February 17, 2348 BC, It Began As Rain
Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 7

1. There are some dates that have gone down in history. I think we would all agree that July 4, 1776, is a very significant date for all Americans.

2. President Roosevelt said that December 7, 1941, was a day that would live in infamy. I think most everyone knows that he was referring to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

3. There are some dates that seem to capture our attention and hold a sort of historical spell over us. There is November 22, 1963, the date of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I'm sure that most of you can remember where you were at and what you were doing when you heard that Kennedy had been shot.

4. April 15, 1912, is a date that is well known. For some reason, that fateful night, when the Titanic struck and iceberg and sank, is a date that has never been forgotten.

5. There is not a day on our calendar that could not tell the story of some historical significance. There are many red-letter days on our calendar that marked the observance and anniversary of certain dates and their historical significance.

6. But there is one date that you never see marked on a calendar. Even though it is one of the most significant events that ever occurred in history, recently, when we reached the 4,346th anniversary of this event, it was not mentioned on the evening news or mentioned in any newspaper. Most people, if not all, never even realized the significance of the date.

7. The date I refer to is February 17. The great significance of the date is not that on this date in the year 1776, the first volume of Gibbons "Decline and Fall Of The Roman Empire" was published. It is not that in 1867, the first ship passed through the Suez Canal. It is not that in 1876, in Eastport, Maine, the first sardines were canned. It is not that in 1908, at the age of 79, the Apache Indian Chief, Geromino died. It is not that in 1934, the first ...

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