Let's Get Acquainted With Benaiah (8 of 10) by Ken Trivette

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Let's Get Acquainted With Benaiah (8 of 10)
Let's Get Acquainted Series
Ken Trivette
I Chronicles 11:22-25

1. The Charles Manson killings live in the annals of grisly crime as perhaps the most horrifying and fascinating of this century. On August 8, 1969, followers of Manson killed actress Sharon Tate and several others in a gruesome and brutal fashion. Two nights later, on August 10, Manson himself was involved in the murder of the LaBianca's.

After Manson tied the LaBianca's up with some ornamental leather thongs he had around his neck, Leno LaBianca was stabbed in the throat and the knife left there. Rosemary LaBianca was stabbed 41 times. With the fresh blood of their victims, the killers scrawled "Rise" and "Healter Skelter" on the wall. The word "war" was carved on the stomach of Leno LaBianca with a carving fork.

2. The name Charles Manson, as well as other names such as Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dalhmer, will live in infamy as some of the most notorious killers in history.

3. As we continue getting acquainted with some of the not so well knowns in the Old Testament we meet a man that was famous as a killer. Now, he was not a killer that you would put in the category of Manson, Dalhmer, and Bundy, but his only claim to fame was that of a killer. He was a soldier famous for the enemies he slew in conflict. His name is Benaiah.

4. Eric Hayden said: "There are few names like Benaiah in the Old Testament. He is the sort of man that makes that makes our blood flow faster and sets our nerves tingling."

5. Let's look at Benaiah and consider three truths that we can glean from his life.


1. As we look at the Scriptures we see that there were three foes that Benaiah faced. There were 2 lion-like men of Moab; there was a lion he slew in a pit; and an Egyptian.

2. Now as I look at these 3 foes that Benaiah faced I find that they are symbolic of the 3 great foes of the Christian life.


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