The Stirred Hearts Of The People (6 Of 6) by Ken Trivette

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The Stirred Hearts Of The People (6 Of 6)
Series: A Spiritual EKG
Ken Trivette
Exodus 35:21

1. Reader's Digest once told about the pastor who was having a cup of coffee in the restaurant across the street from the church. He was reading his paper when the fellow next to him noticed his clerical garb and asked what church he was with. He pointed across the street to the Methodist Church and the fellow said "Why that's the church I go to myself." At this the pastor perked up and said "That's strange. I've been preaching there for five years and I don't believe I've ever seen you." The man responded, "Come on now, preacher. I didn't say I was a fanatic."

2. In all honesty, there are not many of us that could be called "fanatic's" when it comes to Church or spiritual things. That is especially true when it comes to being involved and being stirred about God's work.

3. I think about a fellow that I read about that was filling out an application for a factory job, and was puzzled by the blank after "Person to notify in case of accident." Finally he wrote, "Anybody in sight." Sometimes as a pastor, when I see the many areas in which there is a need for workers, I feel like tackling "Anybody in sight" and putting them to work.

4. In our sixth and final Spiritual EKG, we see a heart condition that is thrilling. It is the condition of "Stirred Hearts." We see a people that were stirred in their hearts about God's work. In the story before us, 3 times it speaks of a stirred heart:
(35:21) "And they came, everyone whose heart stirred him up."
(35:26) "And all the women whose heart stirred them up."
(36:2) "Even every one whose heart stirred him up."

5. I want us to notice this thrilling story and considered the "Stirred Hearts" of the people.


1. What was behind these 'stirred hearts?' The word 'stirred' has a great variety of applications, both literal and figurative, yet it primarily means to ' ...

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