What Will It Be Like Before Jesus Comes by Ken Trivette

What Will It Be Like Before Jesus Comes
Ken Trivette
Mark 13:3-32

1. What will happen in the future has always fascinated people. Today such things as Physic Hotlines and Physic Channels on TV are extremely popular because people want to know what is in their future.

2. In our text we find the disciples expressing their interest in the future. They said to Jesus, "Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign when all these things shall be fulfilled" (Mark 13:4)?

3. Jesus had been talking to His disciples about the future. In particular He spoke of the destruction of the sacred building known as the Temple. They asked when this would happen, and Jesus answered by talking to them about the Tribulation rather than the Temple.

4. He began to describe for them what it would be like in the future. He tells them what it would be like before He comes (both times.Now when I talk about His coming (both times, I refer to two separate comings of our Lord. He will come for the saints and He will come with His saints. His coming for the saints is often called the Rapture. His coming with the saints is called the Revelation.

5. These two comings of our Lord are separated by a period of seven years on the earth known as the Tribulation Period. The Rapture commences the Tribulation and the Revelation concludes the Tribulation.

6. The first time Jesus will come privately and only the saints will see Him. The second time He comes He will come publicly and every eye will see Him. He will come first as a thief in the night and the next time as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

7. Both of these appearings are referred to in our text. Let's consider these returns and the period of time called the Tribulation that connects them.

First we see:


1. In verses 5-8, Jesus described the times before the Tribulation. He gives certain indicators of when the Tribulation would come upon the earth ...

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