The Story of Three Graves in Moab (1 of 14) by Ken Trivette

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The Story of Three Graves in Moab (1 of 14)
Series: The Book of Ruth
Ken D. Trivette
Ruth 1:1-7

1. W.G. Heslop writes, ''The book of Ruth consists of less than 100 verses, and yet it would be impossible to exhaust it during the lifetime of a minister preaching from it every Sunday. . .It is a garden enclosed, a mine filled with the rarest and richest gems and rubies, a treasury of illuminating truths.''

2. In the book of Ruth there are scenes that are tragic, domestic, romantic, dramatic, historic, and prophetic. Yet each scene is a mine filled with precious gems. It is one of two books in the Bible that is named after a woman. There is Esther, a Jew that married a Gentile husband, and Ruth, a Gentile that married a Hebrew husband.

3. A fitting title for the book would be The Love Story of Redemption. The Book of Ruth is a beautiful picture of Christ's great love for us and the redemption He purchased for us. The key word and thought in the book is that of a ''Kinsman'' (Note 2:20). As we go through the book we will see this love story of redemption unfold and be reminded that Jesus is our Kinsman Redeemer.

4. The opening scene of the book is tragic for we find 3 graves in Moab. Let's notice the story behind these 3 graves.


1. We read, ''Now it came to pass in the days when the judges ruled'' (Vs.1). The word ''now'' connects us to the former book of Judges. Judges closes with the words, ''In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes'' (Jud.21:25). There was the absence of a ruler over the land and the absence of righteousness in the life.

2. When the King of Kings is not ruling there will be no righteousness. When one has made Jesus Lord and King of their life, they will no longer do what is right in their own eyes, but do that which is right in God's eyes. Many a believer is doing their own thing instead of God's thing. They sit upon the throne of their hear ...

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