Dear Pergamos: The World Doesn't Belong in the Church (3 of 7) by Ken Trivette

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Dear Pergamos: The World Doesn't Belong in the Church (3 of 7)
Ken D. Trivette
Revelation 2:12-17

In every Church there are two groups of people. There is a minority that does just about everything and there is a majority that does just about nothing. Someone once described a football game as 22 men on the field desperately in need of rest and 60,000 people in the stands desperately in need of exercise.The normal situation in the Church is just about the same. You always have a majority that is complacent and a minority that is committed. You have a minority that is hungry for God's blessings and a majority that is a hindrance to God's blessings. Many times the minority's vision had been hindered by the majority's vote.

The Church at Pergamos was no exception. There was a minority that delighted the Lord and a majority that disturbed the Lord. The third letter that Jesus sent was sent specifically to the minority. In summary, Jesus commended their testimony of commitment and condemned their tolerance of compromise. Jesus condemned them for allowing worldliness in the Church and commanded them to alleviate worldliness in the Church.


Jesus said, ''I know thy works, and where thou dwellest'' (Vs.13). Jesus spoke of Pergamos as a dwelling place for both saints and Satan.

A. The Evil Presence Of Their Dwelling.

Pergamos was more than an earthly location. It was an evil location. It was described as ''Satan's seat'' and where ''Satan dwelleth'' (Vs.13). The word ''seat'' means ''throne'' and ''dwelleth'' implies that the power of Satan was greatly manifested in Pergamos. J. Ralph Grant says that Pergamos was ''Hell's Headquarters.''7

The city of Pergamos was a prestigious city in many aspects. Pliny called it ''by far the most famous city in Asia.'' It had been a capital city for over 400 years. It was famous for its library, which contained over 200,000 volumes, making it the second largest library in the world at th ...

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