A Certain Priest That Wondered How His Prayers Would Be Answered (1 Of 11) by Ken Trivette

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A Certain Priest That Wondered How His Prayers Would Be Answered (1 of 11)
Ken D. Trivette
Luke 1:5-23

The first "certain one" that we find in Luke's Gospel is a priest named Zacharias. The story revolves around the promise he received that he and his wife were going to have a son. It is the story of a man who was devout yet doubtful. He had asked God for a son. But when he was told that God was going to answer his prayer, he was not sure that the prayer could be answered.
As we look at this "certain Priest" there are two thoughts we want to consider. First, we see:


You see in Zacharias a man that walked with God. His testimony was both good and godly. His walk with God was exceptional and exemplary.
A pious church member, who thought himself to be a great Christian, visited the Junior Department of the Sunday School. The superintendent asked him to say a few words. He stood pompously before them and asked, "Why do you think people call me a Christian?" From the back of the room a little fellow responded, "Because they don't know you."
In the case of Zacharias, the more you learn about him the more you are impressed with the godly life he lived and the testimony he left.
First, we see THE CONDITIONS IN WHICH HE WALKED WITH GOD. In verse five we read, "There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judea . . ." This statement by Luke describes one of the darkest periods in Israel's history. It was a time of national distress. The infamous reign of Herod was marked by bloodshed. When he died he was hated by his own family and despised by the people. His death brought a sigh of relief to all.
It was also a time of spiritual decline. It had been 400 years since anyone had heard from God. For four centuries God had been silent. Righteousness seemed to be a forgotten virtue. The spiritual conditions of the people were low and a walk with God was almost non-existent. Yet in such times, Zacharias ...

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