The Message of His Birth (3 of 3) by Ken Trivette

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The Message of His Birth (3 of 3)
Series: The Birth of Christ
Ken D. Trivette
Luke 2:1-14

1. I recently came across this Christmas prayer:

"O Lord, help me survive this holiday week! Keep me from nibbling on all the ingredients as I prepare this festive meal. Stop me from continuing to taste-test the stuffing long after I know it is seasoned correctly. Help to remember that onion dip is only an appetizer and that soon I will be eating a full meal. Keep me from using bleu cheese on my salad instead of diet French.
Let me remember that although mushrooms have little or no caloric value, the gravy they are floating in does. Guide my hand away from the butter that I would like to glob on the vegetables. Allow me to admit I know that an average yam has more calories than a medium-sized baked potato, and that a third of a cup of cranberry sauce is more fattening than both of them combined.
Prevent me from forcing down a piece of pumpkin pie when I am already filled beyond belief. And if I don't heed the message, don't let me put whipped cream on top. Guide my feet away from the refrigerator in the days that follow, that I may not repeat the sins of my weak will with the leftover."1

2. That is probably a prayer that many need to pray this holiday season. But as I have reminded you over the past few weeks, Christmas is more than a holiday; it is a Holy Day! Our prayer ought to be more than, "O Lord, help me to survive this holiday." It ought to be, "O Lord, help me to worship this Holy Day!"

3. It has been my objective to help you better understand what Christmas is all about and help you better appreciate the birth of Jesus Christ. In so doing we have considered The Miracle Of His Birth and the Moment Of His Birth. Today I want us to consider The Message Of His Birth.


1. There were several angelic appearances associated with the birth of Jesus. Each had a particular message concerning the birth of Je ...

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