Beware Of Being A Snob! by Miles Seaborn

No. 1261
BAB 6-21-81, PM
James 2:1-12
Miles Seaborn

Introduction: We are waging a battle over the inspiration and
authority of the Word of God. It is a good thing to defend the
truth of God's Word with a spirit of love, but we must never
forget our lives and ministries are the best defense.

D.L. Moody said, "Every Bible should be bound in
shoe leather."

"Lev. 19:18 - "Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself."

The problem of discrimination. The physician of the soul, as of
the- body, must be capable of doing three things. He must be
able to diagnose the malady, to prescribe the remedy, and to
effect a cure. As Dr. James puts the stethoscope to the heart
of this first-century assembly, he discovers that it is
suffering from hardening of the spiritual artery. The symptom:
partial paralysis.

Now some think James begins a new section in chapter 2. 1 think
not. Rather, I see it as a continuation, because there is a
very close relationship between receiving the Word and respect
of persons. In our study yesterday in chapter ,; verses 19-27,
we discovered that James asks and answers a question, "Does the
Word work?" James says, "Yes it does, if it is welcomed. It
produces a clear-cut product. It, and it alone, can control
your tongue. It, and it alone, will give you a concern for
people in need; the manifestation of unconditional love. It,
and it alone, will keep you clean in the midst of a cesspool

But what happens when a Christian fails to welcome the word?

James says it will produce an acute case of spiritual snobbery of
partiality, of spiritual pride of discrimination.

We have a problem!

Snob pg. 2

We have a problem here. If I were to ask you to write on a
3" x 5" card right now what discrimination involves, you would
probably write two or three items, none of which you are guilty.
But you would totally bypass the fact that discrimination takes
a ...

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