The Lost Christ Of Christmas by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
Luke 2:14-47

INTRO. The story brings home one basic fact - they
lost Jesus.

ILL. We read in the paper almost every week how a
child or a mate is left at a filling station or
forgotten in a day care or left in a store.

ILL. Billy Graham got out of a car driven by T. W.
Wilson after a crusade; he had been asleep in the back
seat. Had on a rumpled overcoat, needed a shave, no
billfold, he could not convince the man that he really
was Billy Graham. It was hours before he got back

Mary and Joseph supposed that Jesus was with them.
They went a day's journey and didn't know the boy
Jesus was not with them.

If you are not careful you are going to lose Jesus
this Christmas season!


FIRST, in what sense you might lose Christ; SECOND,
who may lose Christ; THIRD, where you may lose Christ;
FOURTH, how you can lose the Lord Jesus.

What you may do if you lose the Lord Jesus.


1. Never in our relationship with Him. They started
back home. Jesus stayed in Jerusalem. He was still
their child, the relationship was there but the
fellowship was not there! That's the sense in which I
mention we can lose Jesus.

ILL. You can never lose your relationship. John 10:27-
29. "My sheep." They shall never perish! Once God puts
His mighty hands around us in Jesus Christ, there is
no power in heaven above or hell beneath or earth
present will be able to separate you from the love of
God which is in Christ Jesus.

ILL. Someone says, "Oh, yes, no man can, but the Devil
can do it. That's not smart! To think that the devil
can pry open the mighty hand of God and take you out;
don't you know if the devil could he would? Now if he
hasn't taken you out yet and he could, why hasn't he?
He has been good to you hasn't he; and therefore if
you get to heaven it would be through the goodness of
the ...

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