Little Things In The Christmas Story by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
Luke 2:12


You can hardly travel through Italy, especially Rome,
without becoming impressed by Michelangelo and his
great talent. One day he was working on a painting. A
friend noticed the painting, days passed, the person
returned, and it seemed to him as if no progress had
been made on the painting. He asked Michelangelo, "Why
haven't you been working on the painting?" The great
artist replied, "I've been working night and day on
it." "Well, what have you been doing? I see no
changes or additions whatsoever." Michelangelo
replied: "I worked on a finger of a person for a day;
I worked on the lobe of the ear for a little while; I
worked on a wrinkle in the face for several days."
The person asked this question, "Why do you spend so
much time on such trifles?" The great painter
answered, "Trifles make perfection, and perfection is
no trifle."

It's interesting how God chose in telling the great
story the world has ever known. A series of little
incidents, little things, little tasks, little people
and little places give us the story of Christ's coming
into the world. You cannot read the account in Luke
without being impressed with the fact that there is
nothing here that mind calls bigness.


There were many big and wealthy men in Palestine at
the time of Jesus' birth. There were scholars that
were profound and learned in the great universities.
There were ascetics that had left the joys of home and
gone to the deserts to fast and pray. Yet to them it
was not that the angels appeared. Their ears did not
hear, "Glory to God in the Highest and on earth peace,
goodwill towards men." God, in His wisdom, did not
choose to send angels to sing the message to those who
taught in the universities or to the learned, or to
the ascetics - those who dwelt and fasted and prayed
in the desert. The greatest ne ...

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