God Arrived On Time by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn

Christmas, the day when a major part of the world
celebrates the birth of Christ, is just a few days
away. Actually, we don't know the exact date of
Christ's birth. December 25 was originally the date of
the Roman pagan feast of Saturnalia. On that day the
worshipers of the false god Saturn gave themselves up
to revelry and debauchery. It was a season of
goodwill. No criminals were executed on that day, and
friends gave gifts to one another. Even slaves enjoyed
freedom for a few glorious hours. No doubt, the
Christians did not want to participate in the worship
of idols; so they eventually used the day to celebrate
the birth of our Lord.


Whatever was the actual date of Christ's birth, we are
certain of one thing: the events surrounding His birth
were timed with precision. The Bible says, "When the
fullness of the time was come, God sent forth His
Son...that we might receive the adoption of son".
Galatians 4:4,5. God operates His program according to
the strictest schedule. Each event took place at
exactly the right time, at God's time, and in the
"fullness of time."

ILL. The old man Simeon may have thought that the time
was getting too late. Maybe Anna the prophetess
agreed. But God's timing had been divinely
coordinated, and at the proper stroke of the divine
clock, an expectant mother stopped at a crowded inn, a
star appeared in the eastern sky, and angel voices
sang God's praise to an audience of frightened
shepherds. Exactly 40 days later, the little Baby born
in a barn was presented in the temple to be welcomed
by both Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:1-39). Every event was
perfectly synchronized. Nothing happened a second too


The fearful disciples in a Galilean storm thought that
Jesus would away too late (Mark 4:35-41). Martha was
certain that Jesus (who didn't arrive in Bethan ...

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