The Right Way And The Wrong Way Of Giving by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
Matthew 6:2-4

INTRO. Somehow when we come to this matter of
material possessions, money and finances, we feel like
the other person really needs it. I received this
week a little clipping as a breakdown of an average
church membership. It started out by saying:

"Dear Friend:
Our Church Membership 1745
Non-Resident Membership 497
Balance left to do the work 1248
Elderly folk who've done their share 88
Balance left to do the work 1160
Sick and shut-ins 60
Balance left to do the work 1100
Members who make no commitment 500
Balance left to do the work 600
Christmas and Easter members 240
Balance left to do the work 360
Members tired and overworked 200
Balance left to do the work 160
Alibi-ers 158
Balance left to do the work 2

Just YOU and Me...and brother, you'd better get busy,
cause it's just too much for me!

How well Jesus understood us when one out of every six
verses in the New Testament is related to our attitude
toward material things and our attitude towards money
and possessions.

In verses 2 - 4 Jesus just laid down a general
principle about our attitude of service and reward.

Testimony of God:

1) He talks about our manward responsibility, which is
our almsgiving

2) Our Godward responsibility, which is praying; and

3) Our selfward responsibility, which is fasting.

To the Jew to whom Jesus spoke - almsgiving that which
was towards other men was the most sacred of all
religious duties. How sacred it really is seen from
the fact the Jews in their language used the same word
"t ...

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