Let There Be Life by Miles Seaborn

Let There Be Life
Miles Seaborn
Exodus 20:13


INTRO. Four simple words. ''Pastor, can't we skip this one? This never happens to me.'' I doubt if we have any ''hit'' men/women in our church.

Clarence Darrow said, ''I've never killed anyone but I've read a lot of obituaries with glee.''

ILL. By the time the average America child gets to the sixth grade, they have witnessed 6,000 murders (TV- Movies) and 100,000 acts of violence. Every 22 minutes someone is stabbed, shot, choked, beaten in our country. Highest homicide rate in the world!

More children die from violence than they do illness.

So Simple! - You shall not kill, yet often misunderstood, applied


1. It is not prohibiting ''killing animals''

In the Bible, God often commanded animals to be sacrificed. God doesn't contradict Himself. (Use the clear passage to understand the unclear.)

Genesis 9:3 ''Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.''

2. It is not prohibiting capital punishment

Leviticus 24:17-18 ''Anyone who commits murder shall be put to death. The principle is ''a life for a life.''

In order to maintain order, God has delegated His authority to government.

Romans 13:4 ''The government is there to serve God for your benefit...they carry out God's revenge by punishing wrongdoers,'' (JB ''...an agent of justice.'' NIV)

ILL. Mockery of Appeals 10-15-20 years - Murder of President William McKinley was captured, executed in 54 days! Ted Bundy - killed many women - took 11 years at our expense.

ILL. Those who say Capital Punishment doesn't deter criminals. It deters the one that is executed! Average life sentence served is eight years.

3. It is not prohibiting war

Ecclesiastes 3:8 ''There is time for war.''

When? To preserve freedom To defend innocent people To stop the spread of evil


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