Taking God Seriously by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
Exodus 20:7

INTRO. "You shall not misuse the name of the Lord
your God!" Exodus 20:7

What's in a name? Reputation

Paul Dickinson "Names" Strange and unusual names:
Magdalina Babblejack
Addine Dingdine
Rotten Earp
Joan Fluzzebonder
Beverage Moose
Bufa Umphumpa

1949 - Florida Electric Chair - Will Burn
Window washer killed - fell - Will Drop
Dan Druff - Became a barber
Plastering Contractor named - Will Crumble

There is a lot in a name when it is "His Name".

Why is God so concerned about His name?

Lord's Prayer "Hallowed by Thy name."

A name represents three things:

Reputation - making a good name for himself.

Character - bound up in name, honesty, charity,
hope (God gave new name with character change -

Authority - stop in the name of the law (not Bugs
Bunny) Authority behind that name.

God says when you misuse my name it is a "big deal."
You are defaming God's reputation, His character and
His authority.

Other ways to misuse God's name besides swearing.


1. Using God's Name to insult (Most common)

Profanity or swearing to express irritation (of
cussing and cheating are crimes. Golfing should
be illegal)

ILL. Of farmer - arrived in his wagon
late. Wife - "What happened? Did the
wagon break down?" Farmer - "No, I picked
up the preacher to give him a ride and from
that point on the mules didn't understand a
word I said!"

America is the most foul-mouthed nation in the
world and becoming worse each year!

Movie - they say won't sell without profanity. G
rating and no one wants to go see it!

Books, magazines, tapes, comedians

ILL. Hell - everything compared to hell -
cold, hot, rain, dry, smart, dumb.

Why do people swear - ignorance, indifference,

2. Using God's Name to impress (Imitat ...

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