The Requirement Of A Successful Steward by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
Mark 10:13-31

INTRO. "Leo the Late Bloomer" Children's Book
Finally Leo says, "I made it, Dad. I made it!"

Some of us are spiritually later blooming than others.
I've noticed that more people bloom around the
substance and subject of stewardship than any other
time when we preach and study about God allowing us to
have/handle some of His blessing. How we handle them
has a direct relationship how He looks on us - gives
us more or cuts us back.

What excites me about this simple message and
stewardship emphasis is that some of you, for the
first time will be like "Leo." The light will come on
and you will begin to bloom and get excited about
grasping what stewardship is all about.

It all starts with the children! Verse 13-16

Background of the rich young ruler:

1. Wealthy = self-sufficient, could control
his life! ("Wealth brings options.") Nothing
wrong with possessions! The question is - Do
possessions have you?

ILL. Fly on the flypaper. "I like it
here so much I'll stay." Oh, me!
Paper holding onto the fly. In this
story it is not man having
possessions, it's the possession
having hold of the man.

2. Ruler = influence

3. Good moral character = "nice guy"

4. Young = "time" future bright

Personality Assessment:

1. Courage = ruler wouldn't have come to Jesus
and be seen with Him.

2. Spontaneous = Ran to Jesus V 17

3. Humility = kneels V 17

4. Open = has only questions not answers V 17

Needs Assessment:

I check you out each Sunday and you look good! Not
that good, Lady! But behind those smiles, combed
hair, you have needs. Jesus looked beyond the rich
young ruler's grooming and clothes and saw three

1. Spiritually frustrated V 21

"One thing you lack" (didn't come to Jesus
out of guilt or conviction) Best not good

2. Spiritually immatu ...

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