Accept One Another by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
Romans 15:7

INTRO. "Behold how they loved one another." Where
should that be said? The Church!

John 17 "That they may be one, that the world may
know that thou has sent me". I pray that they
may be one.

ILL. Why did Paul say that the believers in the
church at Corinth were carnal? "Fleshly people".
What did Paul see in their lives that made them
carnal? (not murder, adultery, drunkenness)

I Cor. 3:1-

Vss. 1-3

1. In their spiritual understanding -
need milk and baby food.

2.Jealousy, strivings, quarreling with other

3.Their division/factions in the church. Little
groups together - never reach out. Fellowship -
no mingling-faction.

Vss. 4-5 Respecting of certain persons -
I Cor. 1:10-11
Glory of God more important than my reputation
("reported from the house of Cloe". They were
burdened for the glory of God - I'm going to
write Paul-) lets deal with the situation no
matter how unpleasant.

How can we receive one another? Romans 15:

1.Romans 14:1 - God has received that person -
who are we to say no.

Vss. 11-

2. Examine your own self-first.
Matt. 7 - mote/beam

3. Clear your own conscience.
Clearing own conscience opens up the door for
avenues of love.

What have we failed to do for them?

ILL. Nita Stevens - forgive more for not being
sensitive to your need ...

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