Accept No Substitutes by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
Ex. 20:4-5

INTRO. This second commandment says two things -

(1) Don't idolize anything

(2) Worship only God



Idolize - i.e. love something more than God -
(Value something more than God.)

Idol - anything that takes the focus off of God
and on itself! (Trusting people, possessions or
position to do for me what only God can do.)

Some people park their idol in their garage. Put
their idols in their safe deposit box.

ILL. Archeologist tell us in every culture there
have been idols, big, little, stone, gems, etc.


Baal - God of Sex

Mammon - God of money

Moloch - God of violence

We don't have these images now - but we go to the
movies to watch - sex, violence and money! No

Then - rock, stone, clay, jewel, metal

Today - Mental Idols
No shrines as then but now, a little box (TV).
We turn it on to see our idols - really images.
Images of status, wealth, and sensuality. It is
difficult to raise your children in God's values
when the world is bombarding them with
something else.

Deut. 4:15-16 "For your own good, don't sin by
making an idol of any form at all!"

1. Idols will disappoint you.

Jer. 10:14 "Those who make idols are
disillusioned because the gods they make
are false and lifeless."

Promise more than they deliver.

Toothpaste = sex appeal = beer = get all
the gusto in life.

If I could get married I would be happy -
you will be disappointed.

2. Idols will dominate you.

I Cor. 12:2 "Before you knew Christ, you
were controlled by dead idols, who always
led you astray."

(1) Control - Addiction to idol

(2) Distract you at a crucial time - Co-
dependency, i.e.

3. Idols will deform you.

Psalm 115:8 "These who make idols will
become like them and so will those who
trust in them."

We shape our idols and it ends up shaping
us! ...

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