Foundation For A Strong Family by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
Exodus 20:2
Deuteronomy 6:6-7a

INTRO. Family values are a hot topic today "We are
for the family!"

First line of Republican Platform says, "As the family
goes, so goes the nation." President Clinton has made
major speeches with this theme (a tug of war over
this) Time magazine lead article -- "Family Values."

Why? For years we have been in a Values Vacuum,
Permissive Society. Anything goes. Values are
relative. Who are you to say what is truly valuable?
If it is valuable (pleasurable) to me, it is valuable.
Now we are reaping the results.

* Every 30 seconds a divorce in America
* Every fourth child born in America is born to an
unwed mother
* AIDS has run rampant! Epidemic --

But no one is defining Family Values -- Here is the

ILL. William Bennett said, "It is politically correct
to talk about Family Values. It is not politically
correct to get specific about them! Newsweek's cover
last year, "Whose values" TV -- The Simpsons -- The
Cosbys -- The Waltons

Traditional family values -- you have to go back far
beyond TV to get to that.

Many thousands of years ago, God gave ten values for
family living. He called them "The Ten Commandments!"
These then commandments are the bedrock of Western
Civilization -- our whole society rests upon them.
(The only thing that Jews, Muslims and Christians
agree on! These commandments are from God.)

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 "Never forget these commandments
that I am giving you. Teach these to your children!"

TWO THINGS -- Remember them -- Teach them.

Can you name them? God gave these not to hurt us but
to help us. Not punish but to protect us.

ILL. "Don't in the Bible is always for a positive
purpose. Law of gravity, physical laws, runs our
universe. If you ignore them and break them, they
break you! Ten-story building

ILL. Spiritual laws that govern our ...

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