Donation -- Reward Of A Faithful Steward by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
Luke 6:20-28

INTRO. "It's not the duration of life (how many years
you live) but the donation of life (what we do with
these years) that really counts.

This will be a life-changing morning for some of us.
God is asking us, "What are we doing with what we

If you died right now, what donation would you have
made to life itself? Little, none toward your fellow
man -- consumer or contributor?

ILL. We all know people who died having consumed for
365 days a year, all their life. Never became a
giver. Some die in their 20's but were givers/helpers
each day they lived!

Giving has nothing to do with assets. It has
everything to do with attitude.

Read 6:20-28
Verse 20 -- people who are blessed and happy have
(poor) no finances or little material possessions.

Verse 21 -- very little food

Verse 22 -- Very few friends -- Happy/blessed are you!
The world would pass that person by and never turn
their head and say, that person has been blessed.

Verse 24-36 -- goes from happy and blessed to woe and
wretched. Yet those people have money, food and

Bombshells being dropped on people as Jesus taught
about giving. Was Jesus anti-rich and pro-poor? NO

What? Almost every one of these disciples to whom
Jesus spoke would die young as a martyr.

"Through you have very little when you die, you will
be blessed in the future"

ILL. Jesus is not against what you have. He is
against you not being a giver! Verse 24 What you have
today is your payment in full -- you will never have
any more than what you have right now.

Values, priorities, what counts.


"Only one life, twill soon be passed. Only what's
done for God will last."

Oh, I would be a giver if I had anything -- You do!
Hiding behind that excuse -- you have talents,
blessings, and opportunities.
You have gifts to give Him.
You choose ...

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