Bake God A Cake -- First by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
1 Kings 17:9-24

Intro. If your curiosity is aroused at the topic of
our scripture today when we review the 17th chapter of
1 Kings we will recall that those were dark days in
the life of Israel. A fearful drought gripped the
whole country, and in an ivory palace at Samaria sat
wicked king Ahab and his pagan wife Queen Jezebel.
The sins of the wickedness and idolatry of the nation
had caused the judgement of God to fall upon these
people. The rivers had become dry, fields were
parched, famine stalked the land and death cast its
shadow over man and beast alike.

But up in the north the Phoenician village of Zarepth
on the road between Tyre and Sidon lived a widow woman
and her son. On this particular day in question she
was gathering a few sticks to build a fire to cook the
last meal for her starving son and herself. The bony
fingers of that starving boy tugged at her garment as
he pointed to a strange man standing at the gate. She
saw that this stranger was an Israelite, and from his
dress that he was a man of God, a prophet. He
approached her and said, "Woman, fetch a drink of
water and bring me a piece of bread."

You heard her response in our scripture, "As the Lord
liveth, I do not have a cake but only a handful of
meal and a little oil in a cruse. Even now I am
gathering two sticks to make a little fire to make a
cake for myself and my son and then we will lie down
and die."

Now Elijah answers, and his words are almost
unbelievable, "Woman, go and bake the cake as you
planned, but bring it to me first." Can this be the
Elijah that we know? An Elijah that shall soon stand
on Mt. Carmel and pray down fire from heaven and to
feel all the priests of Baal and all the hosts and
armies of Jezebel? The Elijah that will stand yonder
on the Mount of Transfiguration in the presence of
Jesus -- is this the same Elijah now reaching out his
hands to a starving, helpless woman and saying, "Give
me the last morsel of bread you have. Give me the
cake first."

Yes, it is! And in this story is preserved for us a
great and glorious lesson. A fundamental truth is
displayed here that speaks to your need and mine

The empty barrel is a common experience of life.

How many times do you feel like you have come to the
end of the road, the bottom of the barrel? The
resources of life are just not enough to go around.
Where do you and I get the energy to cope with the
problems of life? How in the world am I going to make
it? The barrel is still empty and I am so exhausted,
yet God comes to say, "Bake me a cake -- first!"

Now let's look at the three basic truths that God sets
forth in His Word:

Elijah said "Bake God a cake first."

This clearly states the fundamental concept of
Christian faith -- God's claim on our life.

ILL. Our life for the Lord is not s ...

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