God's Plan Of Giving For Church Buildings by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
Exodus 35 and 36

INTRO. More churches have gone bankrupt within the
past few years than any time in the period of our
history. Some have gone bankrupt because of
dishonesty somewhere, and we hope those are in the
decided minority. Many times that dishonesty was
outside the fellowship of the church. Others have
come upon hard times because of preoccupation in some
areas that cause a dreadful neglect in other essential
areas. I believe that many of those tragedies could
have been avoided with wise practice of scriptural

But what is scriptural economy? What is God's plan of
giving for a church? In regards to its building
program? What does the Bible have to say about
planning a budget or taking a special offering, or
lodging into publicity programs of vast magnitude or
building a building? The Bible is for most parts
silent on many of these matters, and yet there are
some things with which we must reckon. There is,
therefore, within the content and philosophy of
scriptures the basis and foundation on which we may
build for our church a sound plan of giving which can
stand all the storms of earthly economy and change.

This is so vital and important, for while the written
Word of God is the authority of truth, the local New
Testament church is one of the expressions of the
integrity of that church. We can afford to be
dogmatic and pragmatic with the Word of God being true
because it works!

Now I am going to share an opinion, a God-approved
opinion in my estimation, but an opinion, and that is
this: "While there are many ways to finance a church
building program, there is a best way. God blesses
many others (and obviously has), but there is one way
that pleases Him the most, and this is the good old-
fashioned, pay-as-you-go basis." And you might say
"impossible," and I would reply, "Right." That is
precisely whe ...

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