A Faith That Does Not Save! by Miles Seaborn

Acts 8:9-24
Miles Seaborn

Introduction: Chaper 8 records how the new church burst forth from it's Jewishness
and Jerusalem and begin to spread outward to touch the whole earth. Persecution
was the event that caused this. Jersualem was filled with the preaching and
witnessing of Jesus by these new Christians and it aroused the hatred in the heart
of Jewish leaders and people. Preaching brought persecution, persecution brought
scattering and God's word was spread like sparks from a fire - The gospel arrived
in Samaria.

We also saw last week that where ever the gospel is preached, there are 2 results.
There is true faith and
There is phoney faith.
There is: Wheat/Tares - Good soil/Rocky ground - Branches that abide/
Branches that are cut off - Those who believe to the saving of the souliThose
who draw back into perdition. All ways/Those where the Word of God is preach-

Chapter 8 is a clear illustration of this:
9 - 25 Sermon-phoney faith.
26 - 40 Ethiopians Eunuch - truth faith.

This must be understood by the church today! It is true in this church and every
other fellowships - It would be helpful if we had a spiritual detector like the
airport. Sometimes we can but Satan is crafty. He always sows the tares among
the wheat.

Note this Simon is the first "tare" we know of sown by Satan and Philip confronts
him, with the gospel - (a false believer so named). The point of the chapter
is to show us there will always be both at the preaching of the gospel'

Simon looked so good externally' from all appearances Philip a prophet and
evangelist was convinced that Simon was for real.

Philip baptized a man who wasn't a believer - he didn't know any more than
I know - I've done this unknowingly. John McAurthar baptized a man who now
produces porno movies. This happens!

Verse 13 Three things demonstrate or visiblly prove your salvation is real.

(1) Believe. (2) Obey. (3) Continue. he did all three! ...

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