The Sharing And Sins Of The Saints by Miles Seaborn

No. 1621
BBC, 7-6-86/p.m.
ACTS. 4:32-5:11

Miles Seaborn

INTRO: The church has been born. Like anything newborn, it is unstained,
clean, pristine. Happy days, fellowship and love is real and their testimony is
loud and clear throughout Jerusalem and so many are being saved and baptized
into the church fellowship they stop counting! 5,000, 10,000, 20,000. They
prayed for more boldness. It came. More people were saved and it grew! God was
real, Christ alive, the Spirit at work. New life. New nature. What a
delight to visualize it .

Bus as we come to our message today, we are going to see the first occasion of
sin in the church. There are many firsts in the book of Acts, but this is the
saddest of all. Satan, in his effort to persecute the church, had only given
Peter and John the opportunity to preach the gospel to the Sanhedrin. In an
effort to stop the church's boldness, Satan had only allowed them the privilege
of increasing it,. He found out that external pressure only tends to fan the
flame. Satan knew that he had to get at the very base of the fire. Therefore,
he began to infiltrate the church. It's a heartbreaking text because this is the
beginning of that which has continued to plague, disease, cripple and even kill
the church throughout history - the sins of the saints.


1. Spiritual Participation Verse 32a
1)Preoccupation with each other.
2) Preoccupation with reaching the lost

2. Strong Preaching - Verse 33

1) Given by the Apostles

A. Continuation

Saints Sins/2

B. Obligation

2) Grace for the Apostles

A. Favor of the People

B. Favor of God

3. Sharing Practically - verse 32b-34, 35

1) The Attitude - verse 32b -

2) The Act - Verse 34

ILL. Is there such a thing as Christian communism?
Acts 2:34 states, "Neither was there any among them that

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