A Miracle To Confirm The Word (1 of 2) by Miles Seaborn

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No. 1610
BBC, 5/4/86, p.m.
Acts 3:1-10
Miles Seaborn

Introduction: Before we look at the passage itself, I want to give some
Biblical facts regarding the whole problem of healing, because there is much
confusion about that today.

First, the gift of healing as indicated in 1 Cor. 12 was one of the gifts of
an apostle. When the apostles passed from the scene so did the gift of healing.
So whatever exists today in the area of healing would not be the apostolic gift
of healing.

Second, Satan and his demons can and do heal in the name of Jesus Christ. It
means nothing that the name of Christ is invoked. If demons can accomplish
their purpose in the name of Christ, they will do it. And, it's interesting to
note that the theology of faith healers is generally unsound, replete with wrong
doctrines of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, sanctification and salvation.

Third, much of the so-called healing today in the name of Christ falls under
the categories of fraud, mass hynosis, and psychosomatic illness.

Fourth, let's look at the Word of God. Not only was the gift of healing lim-
ited to the apostles and prophets, but there is no indication that this gift
was ever exercised on behalf of believers. It was always a sign to the unbe-
liver (Acts 19:11-20).

So we remember that this experience was part of a pattern we see in the book of
Acts, chapter 2. The languages were a sign. They spoke the wonderful works of
God. People gathered. Peter preached. People were saved. Chapter 3. They did a
miracle. The people gathered. Peter preached. People were saved.

Now let's break these 11 verses down into bite sized pieces. Several good
Seen, Strengthened, Standing
Lame, Loosed, Leaping
Hopeless, Healed, Happin
Poor, Power, Praising

But let's choose another tonight. The Scene, The Sign-, The Sequel, The Sermon-
We will look at the first three tonight.

I. THE SCENE. (vv. 1-3)

It is a crossing ...

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