How Is A Man To Be Saved? by Miles Seaborn

No. 1605
Acts 2:37-42a
Miles Seaborn

Intro: Four parts to Peter's sermon.
Part 1 - The Introduction
Part 2 - The Theme - Exhalting Christ
Part 3 - The Appeal
Part 4 - The Results

This sermon two and a half minutes. We realize that nobody could preach an
effective sermon in two and a half minutes. (I have to believe that, you
understand why!), but probably it was a lengthy message. We have the summary of
the sermon.

The heartbeat of the Jews was that God would send a Messiah to restore their
kingdom. Some day He would come. Then Peter says, Hou"killed Him. His
name was Jesus.”
He was Messiah because of His life.
He was Messiah because of His death.
He was Messiah because of His resurrection.
He was Messiah because of His ascension to heaven.

Therefore, let all Israel be assured of this: "God has made this Jesus, whom you,
crucified, both Lord and Christ."

So the cardinal sin of which God's Spirit convicts is that of unbelief -
rejecting Jesus.

John 16:8,9 “When the Spirit of truth is come, He will convict of sin
of righteousness, of judgement, of sin, because men do not believe in me."

So the dominate thing a lost person must realize is that he is a rebel against
God's plan of salvation and God's Savior, Jesus Christ.

So Verse 37 - Cut to the heart, they said, "What shall we do 9

I. HIS APPEAL Verse37-40

A good salesman "wraps up the sale." Didn't just inform them and leave,
pressed the claims of Jesuson their hearts. Went for a decision!

A. The People's Response.

1. Pricked in their heart. “cut to the heart.”

a. Pricked - used only here in the N.T. Means to pierce or
penetrate with a sharp instrument, like a needle. Carries with it the idea of

ILL Going along in the complacency in Judaism, doing what the
always did. Wham. Suddenly! Cut to the heart with tremendous grief.


b. The causes of this deep conviction
1) The Messiah had ...

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