The Pouting Prophet by Miles Seaborn

No. 1602
BBC, 3-16-86, a.m.

Jonah 4:1-11
Miles Seaborn

Introduction: Yogi Berra is the one who said, "It's
not over until it's over.)

Are you one of those people who turn to the last chap-
ter and/the end of the book to see how the story will

Endings are so enlightening to most of us. So when we
turn to Chapter 4 and finish Verse 11, we are left
hanging. Well. how did it and? What happened to
Jonah? What happened to Nineveh?

Perhaps Jonah is one of those books that leaves it up
to each individual to write the last verse.(Remember7
"Jonah was written by Jonah." We get the distinct im-
pression that God had to go deeper with Jonah for him
to learn life's lessons.

Ch. 1 Resignation. I will not do God's will.
God's Providence You can't run away from
Ch. 2 Repentance
God's Pardon. God does forgive when we ask
Ch. 3 Revival
God's Power. God is able to convert Nin-
Ch. 4 Rebellion. It displeased Jonah greatly,
and he became angry.
God's Pity. Should I not be concerned a-
bout that great city?

Chapter 1 - God got ahold of Jonah's mind. Knew what
God wanted but wouldn't do it!

Chapter 2 - God got ahold of Jonah's will. The fish
got ahold of Jonah and he said, "I will, I will,
I will.

Pouting Prophet/2

Chapter 3 - God got ahold of Jonah's body. Enough!

Chapter 4 - But God had not yet conquered Jonah's -
heart!' Jonah had a heart problem. His heart was
angry at God and the people who repented.

ILL. reason1 1) Patriotic - Jew, Israel's
enemy. 2) Lord, make them example #1. Zap
them, Lord! No love in his heart. Here you
have a believer acting like an unbeliever.

ILL. ANGER. Jonah was not living on resur-
rection ground; “Be angry and sin not. The
worth Of man workeh not the righteousness
of God.” Put off anger. Collossians.

1. Reasons for his anger

1) Incomplete surrender to God!

If there is one u ...

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