The Gospel Of The Second Chance by Miles Seaborn

No. 1597
Feb. 23, 198b, a.m.
Jonah 3:1-2
Miles Seaborn

Intro: Like Jonah, most of us are unwilling to see
ourselves through God's eyes and face the fact of our

ILL. William Saroyan said, "Every man is a good
man in a bad world, as he himself knows."

ILL. Our former Attorney General Ramsey Clarke
revealed his theology when he said one time, So-
ciety, not the individual is responsible for evil
in our midst. Poverty is the cause of crime."

That causes me to Would at the rise of white
collar crime!)

Jonah had to enroll in Fish College for three long,
lonely days that seemed like an eternity before he
would repent and cry out to God for forgiveness and
have deliverance.

2:10: “And the Lord commanded the fish and it

There he is, bleached./battered with his diploma in
his hand that says, “ COPY FROM DIPLOMA"

Now let's review just a little:

Chapter 1: Resignation (I will not go to Nineveh),
and Providence -God got his mind)

Chapter 2: Repentance (I called for help) and
Pardon (Salvation comes from the Lord.)

Chapter 3: Revival - (The Ninevites believed God!
Repentance.) ( i

Chapter 4: Rebellion (At God's forgiveness) and
Pouting (at God's pity)

2nd Chance/2

Take Chapter 3 and write three words that tell us the
story of Revival.
1. Verses 1-2 - Recommissioned
2. Verses 3-4 - Response
3. Verses 5-6 - Results


1. Because of the Character of God

“A second time” - Why? Because God is more
concerned for than simply the work. God
wanted to redeem Jonah for usefulness and service as
well as save Nineveh. .It is us that want to
back God into a corner.)

Question: Does God change?
Answer: Romans 11:29

For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable
for God does not withdraw His call and His Rifts.5

In Jonah's second

1) It was the same man

God could have used someone else! (Paul,
Lest I become a castaway. If we keep on stu ...

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