The Power And Plan To Carry Out The Work Of Christ by Miles Seaborn

No. 1594
BBC/2-2-86, p.m.
Acts 1:1-Il
Miles Seaborn


The incredible thing is that the first Christians, who
made up the first church, accomplished so very much
with so very little. Stop and think what the average
church depends on today. For example, we depend on or-
ganization. Some churches think that if they don't
revise the bylaws and the constitution at least once a
year, God can't do anything. The early church had no
constitution. They built their organization as they
went along, and yet God used them in a remarkable way.

We depend on trained leadership. I believe in trained
leadership. I have taught in a Bible school and semin-
ary, and I thank God for the training I received in
schools. But the apostles were "unlearned and ignorant
men." (4:13) That means they had not graduated from
the accepted rabbinical schools. The early church did
not have the kind of trained leadership that we would
demand today, and yet see what the church accomplished

Think about finances. Many churches feel they cannot
do anything unless they have a huge budget or very
generous donors. Peter said, "Silver and gold have I
nond." (3:6). They got together as Christians and
shared what they had so that no believer would have
any need.

Some Christians today feel that the church must have
political power. There certainly is nothing wrong with
dedicated Christians getting involved in government.
But woe unto that church or that organization that
depends on government for its success! The early
Christians had no political power. In fact, they were
political enemies of the government. They were
arrested. They were beaten. They were persecuted. They
were hounded from place to place, and yet see what
they accomplished ! The early chu-rch did not have the
kind of organization or buildings or budgets or


kind of organization or buildings or budgets or
trained leader ...

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