Resources For Finishing Our Lord's Work - Part I by Miles Seaborn

No. 1592
BBC, 1-26-86/p.m.
Acts 1:1-5
Miles Seaborn

Introduction: In one sense it is true to say that
the book of Acts is the most important book in the N.T
Only real information about the early church.

Only three apostles mentioned by name, James, John,
Peter (Bro.Miles, look at 1:13. Then there was Paul)
We will learn basic principles by which God began the
church. (Ministries, morals) How God works through men
by His Spirit. (God's pattern for missionary effort!)
God's pattern for control/government of the church. Fo
evangelizing the world. Chief source concerning the
birth of the church, explosion of the church til it
reached Romans.

The Major Purpose - to detail the story of the spread
of Christianity empowered and energized by the Holy
Spirit throughout the world. (Acts 1:8) This develop-
ment can be illustrated in the following outline. (Hart
to outline the Holy Spirit) Romans - Paul's logical

1. The Birth of the Church -Jerusalem- 1:1-6, 7
2. The Scattering of the Church - Judea and
Samaria (6:8-9:31)
3. The Explosion of the Church - Antioch (9:32-
4. The Spread of the Church - Asia Minor &
Galatia (12:25-16:5)
5. The Extension of the Church - Ephesus &
Corinth (16:6-19:20)
6. The Arrival of the Church - Rome (19:21-28:3

The Minor Purpose - to commend Christianity to the
Roman world (Acts 13:7; 16:35; 18:12; 19:31)

Serguis Paulus, Governor of Cyprus, becomes a Christia
gave protection to the gospel. Scales of justice - bl


Universal religion for all men of every country.
*Philip preaching to the Samaritians
*Stephen preaching to all and being killed for it.
*Christians preaching to Gentiles at Antioch.
*Paul traveling near and far to win all kinds of men to
*Church making great decision to accept Gentiles on equal
terms with Jews.

The Writer - Luke was a Gentile.

Acts 1:1 indicates that the author of ...

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