How Do You Become Fish Bait? by Miles Seaborn

No. 1591
Jonah 1:1-4
Miles Seaborn

INTRO: To some people this is "The Story of a
Whale," but when we look at it from God's perspective
it becomes "a whale of a story."

Somehow in this gem from God's word we never get be-
yond the whale. Can a man be swallowed by a fish and
remain alive?

Phillip Brooks, the great preacher, said that, "After
all, Jonah was a minor prophet so the fish had no
major difficulty.”

Some with a scientific mind would say, "That is mythol-
ogy! Others, even Bible scholars, say it is not his-
torically true, but it is an allegory, just a story to
illustrate. But take another look at Jonah." The whale
only appears in two short verses, not a leading role.


So, in the beginning, we should settle this issue. It
really depends on how you approach the story of Jonah
and the whole Bible itself, Whether you approach the
Bible as the word of God from a bias, or position,
that believes in the supernatural and the power of the
supernatural to operate in this world at will. Or
whether you have an anti-supernatural bias and say, I
simply do not believe in anything I can’t see, feel,
touch, or prove scientifically in the laboratory.

If I am a Christian and I believe in the gospel of
Christ, then I have to believe in the greatest miracle
that has ever happened--the greatest intervention of
the supernatural in this world in the sending of God's
son, Jesus Christ. into the world. God in the flesh--
who went tot he cross and died for our sins--who went
into the grave and stayed there three days and came
forth alive from the grave! There is the miracle! Now,
if I premise my faith on a living Lord and a

Fish Bait/2

resurrected Jesus, I do not have any problems on these
other things.

Jesus himself used this over and over again. He spoke
about the example of Jonah: An adulterous and evil
generation demands a sign. You are going to have a ...

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