The Christian And His Finances by Miles Seaborn

Selected Scriptures
Miles Seaborn

Money, in a sense, is life, because we spend all our lives getting it for
the purpose of staying alive. Now money itself is amoral . . . it's not
good, and it's not bad. But depending on how it is used, it either
becomes good or bad. So money can cause either righteous or
unrighteous ramifications in our lives. Thus, our concept of money
becomes very important. For this study d will examine three
categories: he Right to Possess Money The Way to Regard
Money and The Way to Give Money.

There are some people in the world who call themselves Christians,
that say it is wrong for a Christian to have any money.
They advocate a kind of Christian com b on
Acts 2:44-4 where it says they "shed all things common."
of community thing where they give everything to some central
source. That source then doles out everything on an equal basis
according to need. Consequently the Christian has no right to!
First, we must understand that.......

I God Owns All Money
(1) HAGGAI 2:8 - The silver is Mine and the gold is
Mine saith the LORD of hosts." God was referring to all
silver and gold really
belonged to Him.
(2) DEUTERONOMY 8:18a- "But thou shalt remember
the LORD thy God; for it is he who giveth thee power to
get Wealth .......God is the One to grant men the
power to get wealth because it belongs to Him.
(3) CORINTHIANS 4:7b - "And what hast thou that
thou didst not receive? "Now you can only give to
somebody else what belongs to you. So if God gives us
money, then it was His to begin with.

This brings us to our second point:

2. God Gives Men The Power To Gain Money
The Bible does not assume that it's wrong to have money,
but rather that God allows men to make money. Money is

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actually one of God's gifts, but man has a way of twisting
and perverting all God's gifts, including money. Now
I Timothy 6: l7c says that God "giveth us richly all things to
enjoy." God is not some browbeating kind of ogre who
wants everybody in pain and misery. He gives us much to
enjoy. So, God, the possessor of all moneys, is willing to
grant some to us.

Another thing we learn from Scripture is that ...

3 . God Doesn't Condemn Money
In Acts 2:45 it says the early church in Jerusalem: "And
they sold their possessions and goods, and parted them
all men, as every man had need. "As I mentioned before,
some people take this to be a sort of Christian communism,
but that's because they did understand the Greek tense.
The verbs "sold" and "parted" are both in the imperfect
tense, which means it was a continuous action. It should
read this way. "And were selling their possessions and
goods, and were parting them to all men, as every man had
need. It simply means that all the believers were selling
their goods and giving money to those who had need as the
needs arose. It was a picture of self- ...

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