Trouble, God's Proof Text Of Salvation by Miles Seaborn

2 Thess. 1:1-12, Ps. 2, Ez. 38-39, Zech. 12:14

Intro: 2 Thess. is an exciting book. Paul gives his
fullest teachings on "the Lawless One" - the Anti-Christ.
Paul's first letter dealt with the fear of loved ones
dying before Jesus came back. He dealt with that
but he did not fully communicate the facts of the
Second Coming. So he tries again!

After a greeting in vv. 1-2, Paul moves directly
to the persecution the Christians were experiencing
and to the Second Coming.

In Chapter 4, of 1st Thess., he spoke of Christian's
joy at the coming of Jesus. In Chapter 1, 2nd Thess.,
he tells of the Judgement that will occur at the
Second Coming of Christ.

Paul "little" Soul/effeminate, either stature or

The church - “Ecklesia” - called out one.

God our Father - verse 12. Our Lord Jesus Christ,
our personal Lord.

Grace and peace - No they had not lost hope.

The springboard of Paul's letter was the hard times
God's people were going through!
Hard times - because we have sinned.
Hard times - because we are doing right.
Hart times - because Jesus has already come.
Hard times - because Jesus is getting ready to come.

The purpose of the letter to answer false teachers
who said the present trials of the Christians at
Thessalonica was evidence that the Lord had already
Arrived! No way. Nothing compared to the trials
and suffering in "The Day of the Lord."


1. Paul's prelude
2. Paul's praise

"Bound to give thanks, i.e. moral obligation.

1) Personal debt to pay
2) Continued - his life depended on their steadfast endurance.

"As it is meet" (and rightly so). It is a just reward
to praise God."

Three reasons to praise.

First, For the approval of the obedience of faith (3-4).

Faith growth- exceeding (more and more) Refer to
organic growth used only here. Green, flourishing,
"healthy plant." We can stand mo ...

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