How To Keep Spontaneous Joy In Your Life by Miles Seaborn

1 Thessalonians 5:1622

Introduction: Evidently Paul meant to grab their attention from 16-22. There are 15 present
imperatives i.e. habitual action commands! No where else in God's word. Paul is laying out the will
of God for their lives! Since we believe the Bible is the pure, infallible word of God, these words
are for us.

“We beg you.” “We ask you.” Verse 12. Very polite, tactful.
"Brothers" in the family of God.
There were problems in the church, basically over the doctrine of the Second Coming of the Lord.
Verses 12-13 - to the congregation in general.
Verses 13b-22, to the leadership of the church.
"That you know (practice respect) - know and continue to know. Don't stop having respect for leaders.
"For those who labor (work hard) among you." Word for fail.
'Who are your leaders in the Lord's work." All leaders. (The one who stands before you!)
'Who advise you, admonish" (Put sense into you)
"Continue to hold them in highest regard. Respect, esteem. Present infinitive i.e. as a manner of
life continue. (hold them) "consider" (highest esteem) a triple compound. "exceeding, super
abundantly" - Three strong adjectives to overflow the idea.
"Because of their work!" Same principle as wives/husbands; children/parents; slaves/masters.

Now, when Paul was led to address an issue God gave him a tactful, loving plan.
Slaves/masters. - began with slaves
Wives/husbands - began with wives
Children/parents - began with children
Congregation/leaders - began with congregation, then moved to leaders.

I am convinced that an authentic sign that we have become the residence of the Holy Spirit is that we
are spontaneous. My working definition of spontaneity is openness, freedom, expectancy, willingness
to be surprised, and affirmation of the many splendor thing we call life. The basic meaning of the
word means "that which is done freely, arising from inherent qualities." Its root is from ...

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