The Measure Of A Minister (1 of 2) by Miles Seaborn

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Miles Seaborn

1 Thess. 2:1-12

Key verse to understand Chapter 2 is Verse 12: "That
you would walk worthy of God who has called you into
His kingdom."

Paul had done all in his power with heaven's help to
"live worthy of God" in the face of strong opposition."
Worthy = axios, i.e. weights, and was used in the realm
of weights and measures.

An is the measure or weight which balances the scales.
Place all that God is on one side and then place your
life on the other side. Your relationship, your response.
What a staggering thought.

For Paul his metaphor for daily living was "The worthy
walk." And it had been tested to the limit by actions
and attitudes of the Jews in Thessalonia.

In Philippi, it was Gentiles who had him beaten, thrown
in jail. Here is was Jews that labeled him "Jail Bird"
Unprofitable = a failure.

Their strategy was: Discredit the man, decimate the
message, destroy the person's credibility, damage the

It was getting hot and heavy. They attack motives,
actions, person.

Perfect tense. It happened in the past, its results carried
right into the present!

His response: You all know. You show how I lived. You
experienced the results, changed lives - redemption.
The events in question have been recorded by Luke (Acts 16:19-24),
and they left their mark on Paul (Phil. 1:30). A few years later he gave
to the church in Corinth summary of his sufferings. (2 Cor. 11:23-27)
and a fearful list it is. Even so the apostle gives the impression that
indignity affected him as much as, if not more than, pain. He was a
sensitive soul, not pompous, but with a lively sense of the respect due to
him. He was embarrassed at having to be lowered in a basket through a
slit in the city wall at Damascus (2 Cor. 11:30-33; Acts 9:23-25).
His nature and background would prevent him from regarding the
episode as merely an enjoyable schoolboy prank. At Philippi he had

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