Getting Rid Of Idols In Our Lives by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn

1 Thess. 1:9-10

Intro: The fact that Paul had conversions to faith in
Christ is remarkable any way we look at it. Remarkable
because Paul came without friends, without prestige,
in a weak, physical condition. For he had just been beaten
and imprisoned in Philippi and had fled from that city.
He was not in tiptop shape to hold a city-wide crusade.

Remarkable because the Jews who had the scripture
about Jesus, rejected Jesus. His heart was affectionate
and warm toward them, but their hearts were bitter
towards him.

Remarkable because he was abundantly successful with
the gentiles who were worshipping idols and false
religions. And all the whole region was aware that in
Thessalonica men had not only turned from idols, but
unto the living God (Many gods, no big deal), but to
turn to Jehovah God and His Son Jesus Christ was NEWS!

1. The Jewish mobs were out in the streets
and attacked the house of Jason.

2. Greeks and prominent women who had been
worshipping Jupiter and Mercury began to worship the
Unknown God who became known as Jesus.

3. Every ship that sailed, every caravan that lumbered
away from Thessalonica helped set all of Macedonia and
Achaia wondering. It was like a trumpet blast and it
aroused all the people in that area. It became a center
for the gospel.

Dear folks, remember that wherever there are true
conversions there will be this kind of "sounding forth
the gospel." Every church where the Spirit of God is
uplifting men from the dregs of evil and delivering them
from drunkenness, dishonesty and worldiness, making
them holy before God and honorable with men will be
talked about when grace triumphs!

ILL. Right or wrong, the preachers and the
converts are lumped together. Those who
profess and receive Christ have more power
to damage the ministry than any lost adver-
saries do. "See there that's what good that
kind of preaching d ...

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