Three Tests Of True Trusters In Christ by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn

1 Thess. 1:4-8

Intro: Somebody had misunderstood Paul during the
three weeks he had preached and taught in Thessolonica.

ILL. In one week of revival, two services
each day over one million words are spoken -
great margin for misunderstanding!

ILL. of kid's game of gossip, Story in German
class 7 in one blow - flys! But someone heard

So Thess. is in one way Paul's attempt to restate truth
and clear up and correct misunderstanding and hence

Paul could not come in person to Thessolonica (he had
wanted to twice, but was hindered), couldn't send Timothy
or Silas for they were needed so badly in the work.
He would writer to them to fill the void.

Jerome said of Paul's letter, "His words were like thunder
And Luther commented. "Paul's words and expressions are
like living creatures with hands and feet!

Paul begins with thanksgiving for what salvation and
Faith in Christ has done for those people. Verse 9,
You turned to God from idols to serve the true and
Living God. You have been converted! Turned i.e. epis
Tropho - word used for conversion throughout the N.T.

Paul gives us a conprehensive compilation of the meaning
or evidence of conversion. There are nine of them that
divide themselves into triplets - they both comfort us
and challenge us!

The context of this first triplet in Verse 4, 5 is
Communicated by a very special name by which Paul calls
the Thessalonians: beloved brethren. Previously this
sacred designation had been used only for the great
men of Israel's history or for the nation of Israel herself.
It means beloved by God. Now it is extended to the
heterogeneous fellowship of Jews, Greeks, and Romans,
men - and women of the church of Thessalonica! The
grace of God had broken the religious, social, cultural,
economic and sexist barriers. The searching, yearning,
pursuing heart of God is where conver ...

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